Skirting the edge of meaning

and becoming skirt-mad in the process


avoid alliteration at all cost


a literate response

to existence is the best revenge

co-existing with the unintelligent

coast to coast

and sending off a light-hearted letter to the editor.


I don’t believe in sedatives

I believe in historical crime statistics,

a woman nude in 1920,


and a high noon urinal.


A man was masturbating on an article entitled,

“Investors Gaze Forlornly at Earnings.”


Is nature making inroads on my consciousness.

I hardly ever go to nightclubs

and I’m living with my girlfriend,

it grows on you like a fungus or mutual funds.


Her mottoes at the moment:

Born to be horizontal

Do not disturb

Nudity is not a crime


A woman’s perspective:  it isn’t pretty.


I am feeling like a handicapped animal,

an errant interval,

an enervated criminal,


neglected and erect.


Unconsciously conforming

to the town and country that I live in.


With a palm tree the embodiment

of the blessing of a priest,

the way his hand is passing through the air.