(For the Libyan pilot who refused to bomb his own people)


A pilot has ejected, he rejected the regime,

he’s floating in the air, a parachute protecting him,

it’s downright paranormal, and his fighter jet is going

on without him.  He has bailed out of the war machine

and hangs suspended by his principles a mile above

the ground.

A parachute is fragile as a flower or a

cloud, but it supports a man.  It’s focused on the human,

it’s a renaissance parachute, the lines are like a poem

which can save your life.

The old regime is losing its grip,

it’s showing what it’s all about when pilots have been told

to bomb their countrymen, to cut them into pieces on the

ground.  The pilot is responding to a higher authority,

instead of dropping a bomb he drops himself – it is

another way to join the crowd.  Instead of acting like

a robot in a cockpit he is landing like a man

and walks away.  His fighter jet will burn out in the desert

like a cigarette in a bowl of sand.





Skirting the edge of meaning

and becoming skirt-mad in the process


avoid alliteration at all cost


a literate response

to existence is the best revenge

co-existing with the unintelligent

coast to coast

and sending off a light-hearted letter to the editor.


I don’t believe in sedatives

I believe in historical crime statistics,

a woman nude in 1920,


and a high noon urinal.


A man was masturbating on an article entitled,

“Investors Gaze Forlornly at Earnings.”


Is nature making inroads on my consciousness.

I hardly ever go to nightclubs

and I’m living with my girlfriend,

it grows on you like a fungus or mutual funds.


Her mottoes at the moment:

Born to be horizontal

Do not disturb

Nudity is not a crime


A woman’s perspective:  it isn’t pretty.


I am feeling like a handicapped animal,

an errant interval,

an enervated criminal,


neglected and erect.


Unconsciously conforming

to the town and country that I live in.


With a palm tree the embodiment

of the blessing of a priest,

the way his hand is passing through the air.